B. Sc Optometry: Admissions 2021

Our eyes are the most wonderful organ we have. It is with the vision that we view this beautiful world and all living being including our loved ones. No one would like to imagine a life without eyesight. We take care of our eyes as much as we can so that we can see everything clearly. When we have a doubt about our eyesight, we go to an Ophthalmologist or we go to an optic shop where eye checkups can be done.  It is a specialist who checks your vision in an optician shop using eye scanning machines and techniques to check your vision. That eye specialist is called an Optometrist. 

An Optometrist is the one who checks your vision, tests your eyesight; calculate the perfection of your eyesight, discusses the details of the issues of the vision with you if any; prescribe the correct lens for your problem of visual impairment.

As per the statistics of 2015, India has a high demand for Optometrists to take care the vision of everybody including the poor. In India presently there is a need of more than 1, 15, 000 optometrists at service. So there are great opportunities in the Ophthalmology branch of medical sciences for aspiring students at present and in future.

Overview of B. Sc Optometry

Bachelor of Science in optometry is undergraduate degree course in allied sciences. It is a four year course with a year of internship included. Through this course a student learns the basic of Ophthalmology, the various techniques used to diagnose issues of eyesight, the various eye related diseases, the diverse variety of lens and its functions etc. By the completion of this course a student becomes trained Optometrists who will be ready to serve the society.

Eligibility & Criteria for B. Sc Optometry

For students who wished to become a doctor and serve the needy, this is a wonderful opportunity. Optometrist work very closely with an Ophthalmologist and contributes to the society in almost the same way.  So students who wish to pursue this course must have taken Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their main subjects in their 12th grade. Students must have scored an average of 50% of marks.

While this is the basic eligibility for joining the course, there are few criteria for the same.

  • Keen observational skills to thoroughly check all aspects of the eyesight
  • Good patience to yield proper results
  • A good team player
  • A genuine interest towards this branch of allied science
  • A compassionate mind to serve the needy and poor if opportunities come your way
  • Good communication skills to talk well with patients

Admission Procedure for B. Sc Optometry

The courses for Optometry are recognised by the University Grants Commission (UCC) under the government of India. There are common entrance examinations like AIIMS, DU, NEET UG etc in the national level and there are some colleges and universities which have their own entrance test to the check the eligibility of students. It is advised that students should participate in common entrance tests and individual entrance tests to try their luck.

Syllabus for B. Sc Optometry

This is a four year undergraduate degree course. There will be three years comprised into six semesters and one year of internship to get on the job training. The syllabus of the six semesters are given below

B. Sc Medical Laboratory Technology


Basic Accountancy

Clinical psychology

Community and Occupational Optometry

Basics of Computer


Basics of Contact lens

Functional English & Communication

Geriatric & Paediatric Optometry

General & Ocular Biochemistry


General & Ocular Psychology

General & Ocular Anatomy

Geometrical optics

Hospital Procedures


Law of Optometry

Low vision aids




Ocular diseases & Systemic diseases of eye

Optometric & Dispensing Optics

Optometric Instruments & Clinical examination of Visual system

Pathology & Microbiology



Physical Optics

Public relations

Research methodology & statistics

Squint & Binocular vision

Visual Optics

Career Aspects after B. Sc Optometry

As discussed there a huge gap in the requirement of Optometrists in the country. So there is variety of career options in this field of allied sciences. Other than career options, if a student wishes to study further there are other master degree programs like M. Sc, M. Phil etc to opt from.  There is another option to start your own optic shop by attaining required license to start for the same. The areas where a graduate can start their career are

  • Eye hospitals
  • Ophthalmology ward in private hospitals
  • Optic shops
  • NGOs
  • Lens manufacturing companies
  • Eye clinics
  • Educational institutions

The salary is in this field is based on the institutions a graduate plans to work with. But the average salary of an Optometrist is Rs. 2, 40, 000 to Rs. 5, 00, 000 annually.

The job profiles that a graduate can achieve after the successful completion of B. Sc Optometry are

  • Optometrists
  • Lecturer
  • Optometry researcher
  • Optometry sales executive
  • Private practitioner

Top Recruiters

  • Reliance Vision Express
  • Eye 7, Delhi
  • com
  • Bharathi Vidhyapeeth, Pune
  • DLF Brands
Top Colleges for B. Sc Optometry
  • All India Institute for Medical Sciences, Delhi
  • SRM University, Chennai
  • Bharathi Vidhyapeeth University, Pune
  • Vinayaka Mission University, Tamil Nadu
  • Manipal University, Manipal