B. Sc Medical Laboratory Technology

One of the most basic things a doctor asks a patient to do is to give blood for testing. While there are many of us who don’t understand the importance f this activity, it is quite evident that it is after seeing the lab report that doctor come to the actual diagnosis of the patient. So lab reports are quite important to a doctor to access what the actual illness is of the patient. Medical labs or laboratory is a place where human fluids are tested, calibrated and results are gained. There are also other medical labs where plant specimen and even scientific research are done. So in a medical lab the main tests which are done are

  • Blood panelling
  • Testing for Immunology
  • Testing of tissue cells
  • Study of cells
  • Microscopic finding
  • Diagnosis of bacteria
  • Testing of Urine
  • Testing of sputum
  • Testing of stool
  • Testing of cerebrospinal fluid

A medical lab technician is the healthcare professional who does all the kind of testing using testing machines and techniques in its actual way. So a medical lab technician