AJ Institute of Medical Science & Research Center: MBBS Admission 2021


We all remember a day in class when each student where asked on what they wish to become once they finish their studies? One of the most heard answer in a classroom is becoming a doctor. It is that simple to understand the depth in which the profession of a doctor is rooted in young minds. Most of the students aspire to become a doctor because of their wish to be at the service for the society.

Medicine is considered one of the noblest professions in the world. It comes with years and years of learning and a lifetime of service with immense respect from the society. All the efforts become fruitful once the common say that the doctor has a hand of God.

Learning medicine is quite a task as we all know. But what makes it effortless is the quality of learning each student acquire. For that, students have to enroll to the best medicine schools. One of the best in the country and specially South India is AJ Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre.

Eligibility and Criteria

Any student who wishes to become a doctor has to start with choosing science stream for their 12th grade. They have to pass their boards with 50% marks average in subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology from schools affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

Students have to then qualify in the NEET examination with good ranking to achieve a seat for admission into the college. 

Students must be on 17 years of age by the latest of 31/12 year of admission taken.

MBBS Syllabus

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) also known as the first step towards becoming a doctor is a full time four and half years course with a mandatory internship for a year.

Let us look at the year wise Syllabus for MBBS

Year – 1

·         Anatomy

·         Physiology

·         Biochemistry

 Year – 2

·         Pharmacology

·         Pathology

·         Microbiology

·         Forensic medicine & Toxicology

Year – 3

·         Preventive & social medicine

·         Ophthalmology

·         Ear, Nose & Throat

Year – 4

·         Psychiatry

·         Dermatology

·         Surgery – Orthopedics & Anesthesiology

·         Gynecology & Obstetrics


·         Pediatrics 

Scope of MBBS

A profession for a lifetime – That would be an ideal tagline for being a doctor. As world is witnessing more and more diseases and health conditions daily, just an MBBS won’t fit the bill. Instead as the natural process is a Doctor who has completed MBBS, has to specialize in their area of interest in the field of medicine. So they have to qualify in the NEET PG entrance examination and studies more advanced about the area they wish to specialize in and then get ready to serve the society in a stronger way.